Akhra Ajinjal

Born in 1962 in Abkhazia. In 1982 graduated from Sukhumy Art College. Since 1982 till 1987 A. Ajinjal had been studying at Moscow State University at History Department (specialisation – Art History). He was also studying graphics and painting. For some time he took lessons from famous Russian artist D. Lion. In 1987 A. Ajinjal got his Diploma in Contemporary Art in Abkhazia (under the supervision of A. I. Morozov).

Since 1987 г. till 1992 г. А. Ajinjal was working in fine art magazine “Art of Abkhazia”. He is the author of more than 50 articles and notes published in Abkhazia and Russia. A. Ajinjal makes graphical art works for books and magazines. Since 1993 A. Ajinjal lives and works in Kiev.