Yevgeniy Pavlov

Yevgeniy Pavlov was born in Kharkov (1949). In 1979, he graduated from the cinematographic department of the Kiev State Theater Institute. Photographic images created by Pavlov, are associated with an interest in the inner space of a man, an unusual manifestation of mental and social life. Following this path, he came to a «total photography», which gives the author freedom, previously enslaved by technological canons. It is about the maximum inclusion of everything that occurs on the path of creation: from «high» visual means, such as painting, to «low», including dust and scratches.

Yevgeniy Pavlov was formed as a photographer in Kharkov, in the early seventies. From the very first steps, he finds himself in the centre of events that determine the future of Ukrainian photography, and among the founders of the Kharkov photographic school - such as Boris Mikhailov, Oleg Malevanny, Alexander Suprun, Yuri Rupin, etc. In 1971, they declared the «shock theory» and created the famous group «Time». Subsequently, its work became known as «another Soviet photo» on the European scene. In 1989 the French magazine «PHOTO» named Yevgeniy Pavlov among the «pioneers of the red avant-garde».

Tatiana Ilyushina, art critic, photo critic.